Hello World

It's the time to restart my blog. Every beginning of a year, I choose a blogging software and serve it at http://blog.8-p.info/[INSERT THE YEAR]/. There are many softwares in the world, and I love to try new one. But in 2012, I decide to write it in Scala, and run it on Heroku. That's why you reading this at http://2012.8-p.info/.

Additionally, I decide to relax a policy of my blog. I'm going to write posts in English and Japanese. Both are OK. This post is in English and it should be a main language, but I will post a few in Japanese.

Last year, I wrote every posts in English, and didn't use Japanese completely. As a consequence, I had wrote Japanese posts in mixi, Facebook and Google+ more often. And my friends clicked Like (or +1).

However, it feels like "I like your post", not "I like the post". My friend who write a social application told me:

Social applications have a basic income guarantee of esteem.

Man, I'm a greedy guy!