Scala Days 2012 and London

Scala Days 2012

Finally, I attended Scala Days 2012. When I introduced myself to an another attendee at breakfast, Vlad noticed me! So I met Vlad Ureche, Heather Miller, Stefan Zeiger, Bill Venners and many Scala hackers around the world. I really enjoyed the conference. Lincoln's Inn was great. Talks were interesting (and sometimes funny). My favorites were Akka 2, Offers/Brokers, SIP-14, Cloud Haskell, and of course, Matrin's keynote.

First, he mentioned about “reflection” in languages. It requires a lot of work, like a compiler. That's why java.lang.reflect is too simple. If they build an rich API, they have to maintain complex code in the library and the compiler. However Scala's expressiveness (in other words, our “cake”) help to build it. And it leads “macro” and "reify".

It was fresh for me. I like Ruby and JavaScript too but these languages are not self-hosted. You can mention Rubinius or Narcissus, but I think these implementations don't dirve a design of languages and APIs.

If you can't wait Skills Matter (me too), I recommend that you watch his talk at Lang.NEXT 2012. His slides and T-shirts are almost same as Scala Days'.

(Update: Now you can see Martin's keynote with Simon Ochsenreither's summary!)


It was my first international trip. After the conference, I visited the British Museum and walked around London. In London, everything is big, looks traditional and great! European countories have a regulation about landscape. Honestly I was skeptical about such a regulation but the result was... not so bad.


A culture gap was interesting. London is a rainy city, but (or then?) people don't use an umbrella not so much. The underground is separated by “zone”. People can rent a cycle very easily.

You can see more pictures at my Flickr's set.