I decided to leave mixi, Inc. Today is my last day of work.

I worked with two teams. The first one was a “platform” team ‐ Honestly, I can't remember the official name of my team because our bosses love to rename and reorganize teams again and again! Anyway we developed an OpenSocial based app platform and some (actually and sadly, a few) RESTful documented APIs.

The other was Tanpopo team - please imagine “Engineer Productivity” team in Google. Since I was in developing platform things, I wrote a lot of tools, tests, installed Buildbot in a spare server and migrated it to Jenkins. And these became my primary focus. Now we have Git repos and have some plan to upgrade our software stack.

Everything was an reasonable direction. Platform? It was a mermaid but now she is a breadwinner. Tests? It is not nice-to-have today. Git? Definitely better than Subversion even if you can't use it with GitHub Enterprise. In other words, if I didn't do anything, someone did it.

But actually I (or we) did it. Do you know Jamie Zawinski? I love this quote.

When we started this company, we were out to change the world. And we did that. Without us, the change probably would have happened anyway, maybe six months or a year later, and who-knows-what would have played out differently. But we were the ones who actually did it. When you see URLs on grocery bags, on billboards, on the sides of trucks, at the end of movie credits just after the studio logos -- that was us, we did that.

Thank you all friends and colleagues. Eat your own dog food!